Westchester Athletics

Welcome to Westchester Athletics!

1-2-3 FAMILY 4-5-6 WOLVES! We are excited to start this new adventure and are pleased you have come to learn more about who we are.  Here at Westchester Athletics, we see all children as athletes, and we are dedicated to supporting the growth and development of each athlete. Our mission is to enhance each Athletes' skill to their fullest potential, while fostering a family-like environment.  We pride ourselves in offering a caring and structured atmosphere that will assist each athlete in enhancing their skill, while falling in love with the sport of their choice and having fun.

We know that sports can play a vital role in preparing youth to be successful in the future.  Our vision is to build a well rounded individual, by creating a sense of belonging, building confidence, developing valuable skills such as, team building, time management, strong work ethic, and dedication.  Parents play a vital role in the success of our athletes, so we work together in partnership to positively impact each athlete. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Westchester Athletics is a 501c3 charity athletic program focused on competitive youth Basketball and Baseball.